Police Misconduct

Police Officers, Police Departments and Jails are can be sues for inappropriate behavior committed by officers which deprive citizens of their Constitutional or Civil Rights. Because of the level of emotional trauma experienced by the victims, these cases are rarely about money more often clients want to hold the responsible party accountable.


False arrest is simply the unlawful detention, restraint or arrest of a person against his will without a legal process or valid warrant. The detention includes temporary detentions for stop and frisk, traffic stops as well as detention for an investigation of a misdemeanor offense.


  • In situations where there is a valid arrest occurs and the detention continue beyond its period of legal authorization.
  • A person serving a judicially imposed sentence of incarceration and is held beyond the time of completion of his court ordered sentence.
  • A person who is ordered released from custody by a judge at a bond hearing who is held for an unreasonable amount of time.
  • A person that is lawfully stopped for a traffic infraction and held for a period in excess of time to issue the citation.
  • A person whose charges were dropped by the judge or prosecutor and who continues to be held for an unreasonable period of time after the dismissal or nolle prose.

Malicious Prosecution

When a police officer files false charges or provides false information to the State Attorney and charges are filed against you as a result.