Slip and Fall Accidents Premise Liability

Landlords, property owners and managers of shopping centers, parking lots and garages hotels, schools, night club and other properties have a responsibility to maintain their properties in a safe manner which does not pose an unreasonable danger. They are required to make reasonable efforts to protect visitors from hazards like: unsafe stairwells; criminal activity; dangers due to lack of security; slippery uneven flooring, tripping hazards and any other unkempt conditions that could cause a serious injury.

In evaluating your case we review factors such as: how long was the unsafe condition present; whether reasonable efforts were taken to correct the hazard; whether the injured party contributed to the injury.

Before you leave the property you MUST file a complaint with the management, insist that they allow you to document the incident in writing. Ask anyone that witnessed it to also provide a written statement or at least gather the contact information of each witness.