Juvenile Crimes

Criminal Defense Lawyer Protecting Juveniles in Palm Beach County

Don’t let an early offense dictate your child’s future

Remember that police are allowed to lie, cheat and trick you into giving them a statement. This same policy holds true for your children. They also try and make you and your children feel as though they are only there to help the child, when all police are concerned with is closing a case and convicting your child. Police officers cannot offer any deal nor can they refuse to prosecute or drop charges.

Children are especially vulnerable because of their age and because they have been taught to tell the truth and to trust police officers. They have been taught to believe that police are there to help them but, unfortunately, that is not always the case. Children should be taught to not talk to the police and to refuse to give them any statements that the government could use against them in court.

You need to have an attorney involved as soon as you find out that the police have your child in custody. The attorney should then contact that police agency to protect your child’s constitutional rights and shield him against any overreach by the government.

As a former prosecutor in Palm Beach County, I have the experience needed to effectively represent children who appear in the juvenile court systems in Florida. There are a variety of diversionary programs that may be available to the child that may ultimately result in dismissal of the charges.

In too many cases, the government decides that the child should no longer be treated as a juvenile and will “Direct File,” meaning they will transfer his case to adult court and prosecute your child as an adult. Along with being prosecuted as an adult comes the risk of adult sanctions, including prison!

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